What You Need RIGHT NOW!


As December continues to unfold, it is obvious that there is a big need for more L O V E so here is some angel love for you.

Winter is settling in with early darkness and cooler (or downright colder) temperatures causing sniffles, an increase or worsening of asthma and bronchitis symptoms, increased aches and pains, and depression caused by seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

And of course we’ve got to add in the stress of daily news reports about Trump’s new cabinet choices and other decisions that he is either making or avoiding making. These reports all cause a flurry of other commentators to vent, object, or project their own flights of imagination as to what the next four years will be like, or to try to rally troops around their personal or public causes in order to make them Trump-proof.

What you need the most right now is to radiate love to our broken world (and stay in the now).
And, of course, stop reading the news. Let yourself be surprised when something real happens and avoid the downward spiral of imaginative what-ifs.

So How Best to Use the Rest of Your Month?

  • Take a look at and list what is not working in your life and decide what to do about them. My suggestion is to create a little ceremony and release these.
  • Take time to tie up loose ends and finish projects that still have value (holds positive energy for you).
  • List what is working in your life, and be grateful. (Perhaps start a gratitude journal.)
  • Organize new dreams, visions and purpose that will fill your 5th dimensional world which is coming more and more into focus next year.
  • BONUS TASK – Add in some time for quiet reflection and connect to the light!

Meanwhile Create a 5th Dimensional Christmas.

There is the added stress this month of what I’ll call a 3rd dimensional Christmas – the extra company, cleaning, cooking, baking, and present-buying/wrapping/shipping. Instead take some advice on how to create a lovely, 5th dimensional celebration:


May your December be a month of clarity and acceptance. Great ayni,
Photos by Kyle Richards/Instagram (To-Do List) and Pixabay (angel)


  1. Lovely! Wrapping you in Love as well my friend.


  2. Carole, you always have a great blog. Thank you so much for this one — my favorite! I love your version of the holiday checklist and I am going to share it with others. God blessings upon you always!

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