Seven Pillars Nutritional Healing

7 Pillars Healing puts less attention on treating immediate symptoms and, instead, focuses "upstream" in the body to identify and treat any underlying problems that are leading to troublesome symptoms. By addressing the root cause of the symptoms, this approach allows the body to become more balanced and begin to heal itself.

The goal of this approach is not to make you feel good, but rather to help you be better. Working with the 7 Pillars program helps keep preventable problems from appearing by keeping your underlying health at its best level.

As your body cleanses and repairs itself, you may go through some discomfort so it is my job as your practitioner to help you gracefully move through it by determining the correct pace for your body and to recommend a more immediate support solution if needed.



  1. Endocrine/Hormonal - the most powerful system that activates the rest of the body and is very much affected by stress. We look at neurotransmitters, estrogen dominance, your brain (hypothalamus, pituitary and adrenal axis).
  2. Glycemic Management - how your body handles protein, carbohydrates, sugars and insulin.
  3. pH Bioterrain and Minerals - body acidity.
  4. Inflammatory Status and Immune System - inflammation is the "wild animal trying to eat you" (the fight or flight response) including autoimmune problems adrenal balance or even food allergies. Immune burdens include bacterial, viral or parasite infestations, as well as toxicity from heavy metals and other toxins.
  5. Circulatory - blood quality and circulation, muscles, vascular integrity, tissue nutrition and  infection.
  6. Digestive - general state of being, dysbiosis (gut flora out of balance) and leaky gut (where the lining of the intestine is damaged and allows leakage of larger particles like undigested food and other things to flow freely into your bloodstream that your body will react to causing other problems.)
  7. Cellular Vitality - general cell protection, membrane and enzyme support.



7 Pillars Nutritional Healing is designed for anyone looking for a systematic way to effectively improve their body, mind and spirit. The ultimate goal is prevention but as a person heals, they can often either get off prescription drugs or at least lower the quantities needed. However, while working with with the 7 Pillars Healing, you continue to use prescription medicines and work with your Western medical doctor.


  1. The initial "visit" takes 30 minutes, during which time Carole will interview you to obtain a complete Review of Systems (symptoms and major complaints). For an in person appointment, there is a short, hands-on nutritional exam that tests special points on the body that are connected with the various organs. Carole also does dowsing work using a Nutritional Chart to help sort out food choices, supplements and which pillars to address.
  2. The client follows a 1-3 month protocol using a combination of Standard Process whole food supplements. 
  3. Follow-up 15 - 30 minute sessions are done on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. During this visit, we obtain a new Review of Systems and check for changes and then retest what supplements and/or dosages are currently needed.

The Review of Systems can be downloaded here: sp-sx-survey_2-pg

Because these supplements are food grade, they can be stopped and started as desired. Protocols for specific issues can be added in for just a month or two when needed, then stopped, depending on symptoms and the System Survey results. This is not a 'diet' although dietary changes may be recommended.



Standard Process was established in 1929 by Dr. Royal Lee, who believed that foods in a natural state retained their potency and efficacy and were more bioactively enhanced than isolated nutrients.  Because the Standard Process products - available through healthcare practitioners like chiropractors, acupuncturists and some medical doctors - are whole foods (in pill or capsule form), 7 Pillar Healing works more slowly than drugs and nutraceuticals (supplements made from a recipe using varying amounts of pure ingredients).


Feel free to check out the Standard Process website or to call and talk to Carole about these products. And if you are interested in working with 7 Pillars Healing or just learning more, call Carole at 505.323.4296 or use the contact form on this website.

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