Test Yourself

Investigative Tools to Help You Assess Your Health


This two page survey is similar to the "Review of Systems" that a health care practitioner has you fill out at the time of your first visit. Your answers help your health provider identify patterns of stress and illness that can be addressed to bring you into better health alignment, often before major symptoms show up. The survey questions cover the nervous system and stress, sugar handling, digestion, cardiovascular, liver/gallbladder, hormones and general health.

The survey can be completed every 2-3 months to document what changes are happening, and show whether you are doing enough or even doing the correct things to heal. It is also interesting to complete the survey before and after doing an intensive detoxification or purification program.

 The survey (a two-page 2.0 MB pdf) can be downloaded here:   sp-sx-survey_2-pg

Use the 1, 2 or 3 ratings as directed and fill out the form. Then scan them or take a good photo of the pages and send them back to Carole at carole.conlon@aynialchemy.com. Carole will interpret the forms and give you a report and a recommended list of supplements.  Charge for this service is $30.00. Standard Process supplements can be purchased through Carole if you wish. Read more about 7 Pillars Nutritional Healing that uses this system survey.


The toxicity questionnaire was designed to assess a person's potential need for a clinical purification or detoxification program. Take the test and see whether you would benefit from a detoxification program. Instructions are included so you can tally your answers.

Download the 2-page pdf (62 KB) here: toxicity-questionnaire

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