New Year, New World Skills

The new year of 2021 is upon us but the problems of the recent past like political unrest, conspiracy theories, and COVID squeezed in as well, so no breathing room yet. Many major changes to both society and the planet were triggered by the conjunction of Saturn (the disciplinarian) and Neptune (illusion/spirituality) in December of 2020, an event seen and felt every 20 years.

Now that we are here, what can we do to survive and thrive this year?  Here are some suggestions to help you make it through 2021.

WESTERN ASTROLOGY warns us of collapsing social and political structures, protest movements, rapid change, environmental reform, and living online a lot. There will also be advances in technology, internet, cryptocurrency, and food technology. One person refers to 2021 as the ‘cosmic reset button’. So expect chaos and change that will disrupt life. And yes, like last year, COVID will be with us most of the year. What to try:

  • Ground yourself
  • Give yourself ‘radical’ self care
  • Speak your truth, even if it feels risky
  • Be prepared to be alone this year if need be

In NUMEROLOGY, 2021 is a #5 year – one of adaptability, solid direction, independence, freedom, and unpredictability. Standing at the 5, we can look back over the past (years 1, 2, 3, 4) as well as the future (6, 7, 8, 9). In those last few years, a lot of standards, beliefs, hopes were shattered or began dissolving and a #5 year gives us time to re-assess. Looking ahead we need to make decisions from a higher purpose to match the increasing frequency, the upliftment, of the planet on its ascension course. Suggestions for a #5 Year:

  • Be curious
  • Focus
  • Embrace uncertainty and change
  • Have responsible fun but don’t overdo
  • Let go of the people and things in your life that are ready
  • Ask how to obtain personal freedom without taking away the liberty of others

Looking at CHINESE ASTROLOGY, the Chinese New Year will be celebrated on the 12th of February, but the year officially changes on February 4th. Known as the Year of the Metal Ox, 2021 also shows a problematic year of disharmony and conflict, declining world economy, anti-government sentiments, and potential natural disasters like earthquakes and landslides, sea and air accidents, as well as environmental issues.

The good news is that all this chaos will bring about more innovation on our part.

Here are some ways to meet the 2021 challenge, especially for work or business:

  • Update your skills through education
  • Focus on what you are doing/seeking
  • Find mentors/friends to work with
  • Look for new strategies and techniques to match the new energies and opportunities
  • Be aware of how you allocate your resources of time, energy and money
  • Draw energy from your environment, especially nature

As the year progresses, always attempt to be a neutral observer of the chaos that does happen. Use the suggestions found in this blog that resonate with you to assist your life during 2021.

Remember that what you focus on this year – be it the crumbling past or a divine future – is what you will experience.

May your 2021 year be one of the best ayni ever!




  1. Thank you Carol, It has been a frightening time and continues to be disruptive. However, thank God for the election results!

    • We are now entering a new cycle of time, a ‘new age’, and all the chaos, the COVID, etc. are part of the destruction cycle. This cycle makes it possible to begin rebuilding something better. Still 3-4 years to go to make that happen so hold on for the ride!

  2. Thank you Carole, good advice!
    But I don’t understand why does 2021 is a #5 year?
    May we talk on the phone whenever you have free time? I think you call me is easier for you.
    Cheer for 2021!

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