Stopping a Downward Spiral

It is about two weeks before the election here in the United States, and the existing energy is bad. It is all about betrayal, bitterness, anger, judgment, and fear. On top of the election, we are still ‘winning’ the COVID ‘race,’ leading the entire planet in total cases, new cases, and deaths.

Both situations leave our country in a very un-united place.

From authorities at the top to the little people and anyone left in the middle, everyone is giving out/listening to conflicting information. Shouts of ‘false news’ are the easy come back now, and it is hard to believe any news, from any source. Some people are celebrating the liars and cheats because ‘they get away with it,’ ‘a quality’ that is admired. Conspiracy theories are popping up with many (and often opposing) outcomes. [Please take time to read a blog on conspiracy theories by Jose Stevens.]

And of course, we also add to this mix the relentless incoming ascension energy frequencies, Schumann Resonance changes, and other environmental factors (fires, hurricanes, snowstorms, etc.) that affect us.

Health issues this month include aches and pains, exhaustion, energy fluctuation, possible fever, allergies, and emotions of depression and fear. Add to that, PTSD from too many years of increasingly abusive, violent rhetoric from politicians, militia groups and sometimes, even friends and family.

No matter which way the election goes (no, the world won’t end), COVID will still be assaulting us this Fall and Winter, and it will take most of next year before our world of life with the virus will settle down into a new rhythm. Buckle up physically, emotionally, and mentally for another few months, or possibly even an entire year.

It is now your choice: decide whether life will be good or bad.

Take whatever actions you can to control your life:

  • Vote for your favorite candidates
  • Disconnect from the news and social media; start listening to your heart
  • Distance from friends and family that cause you grief
  • Find a place of neutrality and personal safety; make your home a sanctuary
  • Due to COVID and the possibility of post-election violence, it may be a good time to stock up on food, cash, and living necessities
  • If you are jobless, figure out how you can start a job on your own; be your own boss
  • Work now to create your future in all aspects of life during this uncertain time

Because of my current studies in Chinese metaphysics, I also wanted to share some date selection information. Mark October 27th on your calendar. In Chinese metaphysics, this is an extremely lucky day, especially for wealth, so make a wish at 9:30 a.m. local time. Sit in the Southeast section of your home or office when you do this.

This adventure of life continues. Great ayni as you navigate it.




  1. Well. Ok. When I really listen to my heart ❤️ it tells me we will survive this storm. Maybe be the better for it.

    I sense that all is well and the world is working out the kinks, illiminating the dark corners and wobbling just a little on its axis. We humans have dealt with all of these crisis before. I’m looking forward to a new beginning in 2021.

    • Good plan, Deborah. And a must since we don’t have much say in life right now.
      Unfortunately, next year will be a challenge as well. Try 2022?

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