We made it halfway through this crazy year! Good job.

But it has been quite the year thanks to COVID-19’s arrival on top of the political turmoil here in the (dis)United States.

My story: My March trip to Malaysia was cancelled. The airline stopped flying to Hong Kong so my non-refundable ticket was refunded. The hotel refunded the room cost with no trouble. Ironically, the travel insurance company only offered a coupon “good until January 21, 2022 plus 40 days.” Go figure.

Meanwhile the virus arrived on our shores and life changed even more with stay-at-home-orders for some of us. Even for those ‘loners’ out there, that left some room for even more introspection; for couples and families, it certainly created an interesting moment or two. And yet the still slow-moving viral disaster left us in quarantine with electricity, TV and internet, food, gas, etc. Not a bad way to face a world-changing event, right?

Then the division started building. Was the virus man-made? Who started it? Is the whole thing a hoax and all the reports of deaths and hospitals and morgues filling up are lies or media hype? The virus is just like the yearly flu…it will go away soon…when it gets warm or ‘just like that.’ To mask or not to mask? To re-open those bars and restaurants and bowling allies or not?  To party or social distance? To save people or the economy? To send kids back to in-person schools or not? Daily new conspiracy theories on both sides of this pandemic. Demands for an individual’s constitutional rights regardless of the consequences to the whole. The birth of the ‘Karen’ meme.

The separation continues to escalate as we enter August.

It has been a long six months! Is anyone else tired?  So some suggestions.

First is to try to become a neutral observer of life. The basic definition of neutral observer is ‘the impartial perceiver of reality.’ This means

  • NO judgment – what you are observing exists, and you see the qualities without assigning a conclusion of ‘good’ or ‘bad.’
  • NO interference – do not even wish to change the object you are observing.
  • NO intent to make a change to the object – you hold no desire to influence. Just waiting to see what will happen.

Check out this short blog, written by Lynn Zambrano, that covers more about neutral observers.

Being a neutral observer is tough, but it can save your sanity. Yes, be aware of the world, be aware of what is happening . . . but then step back and go into ‘no judgment.’ Watch as events unfold but stay off the front lines unless it is part of your own destiny plan. Let the Divine Plan unfold as it needs to.

A second suggestion is to begin practicing Ho’oponopono, which I have mentioned in an earlier blog. Simply spend a few minutes each day and allow healing to happen. This statement is all you need as there is no specific ‘target’ to direct it towards:

“I love you. I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.”

A third way to help yourself is to try focused life force energy, available at FLFE.net. This high frequency energy, directed to either your phone number or your address, helps shield you from a lot of the external chaotic energy running rampant through the corridors of the world right now. Try the free trials or take the plunge and subscribe for a month or more and see how calm your world can feel.

These three suggestions can help you face the political battles leading into the Fall, and the coming vaccine controversy!

On a personal note, the past couple years I have been studying Chinese topics of QiMen (forecasting and timing), BaZi (astrology), and Feng Shui (the art of placement) to enrich my LifeWeaving sessions. After struggling with the fine print on the charts for way too long, I got my eyes checked in preparation for new glasses. Instead, to my surprise, I am undergoing cataract surgeries (July and this month).

By the end of August, I will be able to clearly see what is happening in my world and create a future to match the new pandemic world we live in.

Meantime I work with one eye closed, putting yet another new perspective on life.


Take care and great ayni!






Picture:  Pixabay



  1. Carolyn Frandsen

    Thank you Carole. I will appreciate all you do & will continue to follow your suggestions to better myself and those around me.

    • Glad you found some value in the blog, Carolyn. We are all looking for ways to survive at the least, or to hopefully to eventually thrive during these times. Great ayni!

  2. Michelle Jaramillo-Urbán

    Yes, I am exhausted too. Charity during these uncertain times is quite hard to find. So I value your blog. Thank you for your suggestions and knowledge. I need all the guidance I can receive. Stay safe my friend.

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