Contemplation to Create Your Future

Thanks to the pandemic shut down here in New Mexico, most of us have now had almost two months to reflect upon life in general, our wants and needs, our rights, politicians, our families, pets and children. And how great school teachers actually are!

That is a lot of reflection.

And after all those thoughts, are you now sure of your future, or has it left you more confused?

In this case, even confusion works. Earth and its populace are at the stage of ascension where deep changes needed to be made and, the way we were going, it could never have happened. Now that the entire world is in disarray, there is a chance to come out of the pandemic with some new ideas, new goals, new way of living, new spirit. We cannot go back to life as it was.

Before COVID-19, some people were in dead-end jobs, trying hard to break out but unable. They stayed mostly for the income. They also stayed for the health and retirement benefits. Now if you were laid off, those are gone. Still to be determined is how many of those businesses will be gone for good as well.

Other people were in relationships that were toxic but it was easier to stay together than figure out how to separate. After a couple months of real togetherness, they are going to either be packed and ready to leave, or happy with new understandings that the lockdown created in their homes.

Has your creativity been activated by being stuck in place and needing something you can’t run out to pick up? You had to figure out a way to work around the problem. Businesses that are succeeding now have been able to change to meet the moment’s problems and restrictions. Will it be possible that more people can work from home after life settles back down and businesses start up? Unfortunately, all businesses are not in position to re-tool because of their nature, such as when personal contact is part of the transaction.

Food for thought.

Here is a little exercise to try while you in contemplation mode:

  • Let go of who you were
  • Decide who you want to be in your new life
  • How do you want your life to be?  What type of environment? Friends? Work? Hobbies?

Write your new story in detail; create a visual storyboard; talk with friends about what you want to become. Dream. Dream big! Avoid the negatives. Don’t hold yourself back. Pretend there are no obstacles.

Changes will happen fast on the other side of this pandemic so be prepared.


Great Dreams! Great ayni!,



Picture: Pixabay

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