A Metaphysical Take on the Current Immune Crisis

Many people are pegging the current pandemic as a “karmic disease”, one which will create major change to our lives, and that it is part of the ascension process Earth (and us) are moving through.  The high incoming energies keep pounding us, causing digestive issues, taste changes, aches and pains, headaches, dizziness, and more. Meanwhile the virus energy can bring digestive issues, taste changes, massive aches and pains, . . . Well, you get the idea.

It’s really hard to tell where the physical effects are coming from so don’t panic but watch out for fever, which moves you more into the virus category.

We also have the not-so-standard conspiracy theorists having a field day. Some of the questions surfacing include: “Who created the virus? (currently it is between China creating it or the USA creating it and dumping it on China)” “Currency will disappear along with our bank accounts” or that “we’ll have a new form of money or digital money”. “The virus will help kill off much of the population so the 1% won’t feel crowded”. “The virus will help get rid of ‘old, stuck’ energy.” (I guess that includes us old timers) “The virus is helping to do away with polluting, worthless industries like cruise ships and airlines” . . .

It is up to you to decide what you want to believe or what garden path you want to go down. Most of us have plenty of time right now to make some decisions about our current lives/lifestyles, even though the future is pretty much of an unknown. The outcome of the pandemic will bring a far different world from what we remember with a lot of new possibilities, so utilize this period of isolation to investigate ideas and allow old dreams to come to the surface.

The idea is to stay positive (helps the immune system) and stay out of fear and the sugar (both decrease your immunity). Sample the following two metaphysical methods to make your immediate life better. Both of these approaches are based on sound vibrations, frequencies. And yes, there are many more prayers, meditations, dowsing clearings and music out there for the finding, so check out YouTube if you need more things to try. There is a global peace meditation scheduled for Saturday April 4th,  8:45 p.m. MDT if you wish to partake. Check out details at GlobalPeaceMeditation.com.


I’ve talked about Focused Life Force Energy (FLFE) before. They have recently included ‘Enhanced Immune Support 2.0’ to their FLFE System, which specifically adds life-force energy to the parts of a person’s immune system in the FLFE field. The Innate Intelligence of the body does the work to boost areas that need help, once it has the available energy. This is NOT a cure for coronavirus. It is designed to strengthen your immune system, the key to staying healthy. They offer a free trial (and are good people).


Jill Matson offers a free hour of downloads of music and tones to strengthen your immune system against the Coronavirus. The music can play in the background during your day and help that way. Jill does take donations to support her work.

Always remember that a strong immune system stems from what you are eating, the amount of sleep you get and the exercise your body needs. It also includes mental wellness and a good attitude. So call a friend, take a class, hike, clean and sort, meditate, etc.

There are good results being seen from the virus.

Now that people are ‘caged’ in their homes, Mother Earth is beginning to show signs of healing: clear blue skies over major cities like Beijing, New York, Los Angeles along with empty highways;  pristine canals (with fish!) in the city of Venice Italy; wild deer wandering through the streets of Nara, Japan; decreases in nitrogen dioxide in the atmosphere. Perhaps these are signs that people will take to heart after life returns to some sort of normalcy. We’ll see.

Through all of this remember you are not alone. In the United States, there are close to 10 million people out of work right now due to the stay at home order. The ‘little people,’ the working class, have no income. The building owners of stores, apartments, mortgage holders (hello banks) may or may not attempt to collect or will find heart and offer assistance by waiving fees, granting more time or actually forgiving debt.

We just don’t know.

Just know that you are in good company in a world that is spinning, changing, off balance. Hang on and see what the end product will look like!

Meanwhile, take care, wash hands, make smart decisions and monitor your toilet paper use!

Great ayni,







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