Sorting Out the COVID Vaccination Mess

So just who is right?

Are the COVID vaccines helpful. Are they harmful?

Let’s take a look at how we determine what is good.

“You can determine what’s good and bad based on your own experiences, through common sense, or your chosen belief system if that makes you feel comfortable. You can even blend all three of these things. Or even invent a new way to define good and bad . . . “

Next looking at belief systems: A belief system is a collection of stories we tell ourselves to define our personal sense of reality. A belief is a state of mind in which trust or confidence is placed in some person or thing. My dowsing shows that the human self makes these decisions.

We can gather up a lot of our beliefs together and create or join an existing matrix: a situation or surrounding substance within which something else originates, develops, or is contained. Here are some examples of a matrix: news reporting in general, Chinese metaphysics, Q-Anon, and political parties. Within each of these matrices are different belief systems like CNN, OAN or Fox News; feng shui or acupuncture; children being held captive underground, tortured, and killed; being a moderate republican or a right-wing democrat.

And now we have everyone in the population with their own beliefs, either taking part of a matrix or not. The truth of an individual belief rests with the person. Gathered into a matrix with many other beliefs (other person’s truths) things start getting muddied.

So why hasn’t the world one crazy before this?

The calm up until now has been due to an element that comes in called societal norms. Therefore, we stop at a red light, drive on the correct side of the rode for the country we live in, don’t shoot our neighbor if they make us mad, wait in line at the bank or grocery store for our turn rather than pushing to the front of the line. Social norms are the unwritten rules of beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors that are considered acceptable in a particular social group or culture. Norms provide us with an expected idea of how to behave, and function to provide order and predictability in society.

In our current world, people are looking at many of these norms as constrictive rules that they reject for “taking away their personal freedom.” In the USA, we had four years of a president who did this, setting an example for many, who also decided to ignore the rules. And now a shift is happening leaving our country extremely shaky as a new society and norms need to be created and agreed upon. And all this is happening during a pandemic.

So here we are. Back to the original question: is the COVID vaccination good or bad?

Using a special dowsing chart by Roxanne Louise, I tested four people for “did they think vaccines work?”



Each person has their own beliefs, their own truths and that is what tested:

  1. Person #1 (vaccinated, no science background) = tests as ‘accurate.’
  2. Person #2 (vaccinated, science background) = tests as ‘mostly correct, some false.’
  3. Person #3 (unvaccinated, no science background) = tests as ‘deliberately lying.”
  4. Person #4 (unvaccinated, science background) = tests as “withholding important information.”

This gives dowsers a warning about staying neutral as they work. So far there has only been one person I’ve tested that was 100% neutral about COVID vaccinations, and he is a pathological narcissist. This type of person totally lacks empathy for others, caring only for himself.

So now it is for you to decide.

“Weighing up pros and cons can speed up the decision-making process, improve your understanding of the situation, and help you avoid decision-making paralysis. Using a simple “pros” and “cons” list encourages you to approach your decision objectively, without letting your “gut feeling” impact your choice.”

You are weighing your personal decision about vaccination and your feelings about personal freedom, societal norms, and the good of the many, etc. in a mixture of your and matrices holding more beliefs.

It is complicated.

I did choose to get vaccinated after much thought, weighing the pros and cons. I looked at %good, %harm, %harm NOT to get a vaccine, and consulted with my spirit guides. My final decision was to get the Johnson and Johnson, which was an ‘old style’ vaccine that did not use the new messenger RNA.My spirit helpers said it would be no worse energetically than working under fluorescent lights.

[You can read about the difference in the vaccines here.]

Think about your choices. What is your personal belief rather that of others in the matrix?


Great ayni.



Pictures: Pixabay
Dowsing Chart: Roxanne Louise



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