How Is Your Empathic Self these Days?

As Earth moves further into the 5th dimension your own vibration typically rises higher. Because of this, you will be more affected by subtle universal and collective energies. Many of us who are empathic are strongly feeling the effects of a divided country, with energy ranging from joy, achievement, strength on one end of the spectrum to abandonment, bullying, hate, resistance and revenge at the other.

And there is plenty of energy in between!

So most sensitive people are now feeling the collection of chaotic feelings and energies that are swirling through the atmosphere and are reacting emotionally to them with especially depression or grief. In addition, many others in the collective are creating more discomfort after being activated and feeling empowered by the previous (way-too-long) year of conflict, lies, abuse, and lack of integrity during the primary election process.

From the looks of it, expect the next four years to include more discord at this same level. Welcome to the beginning of intense change!

Buckle up and remember:

  • The feelings are probably not all yours . . . test by stepping into an (imaginary) isolation booth and gauge whether the feelings are less and therefore not all yours. Just let them pass through without worry.
  • Create a protected sanctuary or nest to curl into that helps isolate you from the chaos and lets you recharge.
  • Imagine having a spinning column of White Light around you that helps to bounce back the bulk of the energies. Ask a spirit guide to be in charge and keep it on ‘automatic’.
  • Call in light and angels to help move the new players to higher morals and consciousness.
  • Get involved with the change process indirectly, through donations to the front line organizations, or by keeping your congressmen and representatives on speed dial.

Even though the democratic process failed this past election, hang tight and make your voice heard! We are helping to recreate our world into a 5th dimension model and this is just the first step (taking down what wasn’t working) to making room for change.

New beginnings



The unknown


Fresh start

Here comes the new year of 2017 with its inherent energy to help you jump start, motivate and move further into the 5th dimensional future that awaits you. That future stands before you like a wide open room, waiting for you to furnish it with new interests, dreams, plans and energy.

In the world of numerology, the study of numbers, the year of 2017 comes with what is called the ‘universal’ energy of #1, universal meaning that it affects every soul on Earth. The #1 is arrived at by adding 2 + 0 + 1 + 7 = 10. The 10 is further reduced to one digit making it a #1.

That #1 energy is the beginning of a nine year cycle. It is a year for planting seeds, rebirth, the beginning of an era. This universal energy is helping to motivate you to take action on new projects.

Another energy layer pulling at you is your personal year number. This second level also gently pushes you in a direction. Your personal year number is found by adding your birth month + day of birth + current year.  Here are three examples of how the layers can interact. Note that the two energies may not be in harmony.

  1. A person born on May 24 has a personal year of  (Month of May) 5 + (date of 24th) = 2+4 = 6, + (current year 2017) =2+0+1+7= 1. So now add  5 + 6 + 1 = 12 = (1+2) = #3 personal year. (Again, all answers are reduced to one digit to end up as a number 1 through 9.) This #3 year person is affected by the #3 energy of fun, joy, expansion and celebrating success with what they began two years previously. Now add in the #1 universal year energy of new beginnings and a push for fresh starts. This person will have to be careful to not overload him or herself by enthusiastically starting too many new things because of those current #3 year successes.
  2. A person with a #1 personal year this #1 universal year is extremely motivated to start new projects. He or she is very likely to start a new job, begin a new relationship, start their own business, etc. Both the personal and universal year energies are totally synchronized so their combined effect is very strong.
  3. Someone in a #9 personal year, a year of completion that ends the current nine-year cycle may find that the #1 universal year energy gives them the desire to jump into something new without stopping to tie up loose ends from the previous cycle and getting a bit of rest.

If you would like to find your personal year number, download the numerology worksheet at with directions and interpretations.

Godspeed this month and great ayni!








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