Six Ways to Put Everything in Perfect Order


Life goes on after the surprising presidential election results. The original major shock is subsiding now but there is still a lot of fear about (and for) the future of our country under a Trump presidency.

However, from an ascension point of view, Trump was the perfect winner – a supreme agent of change. And change is what was needed in the political arena. Major change in the institutions/industries of politics, finances, health and education have been needed to allow ascension to progress fully. These old (and very stuck) institutions all need to be broken down and rebuilt in a new mold at a higher vibration.

Now will Trump be a good president? Unknown. But the most important change he is creating is not so much in the office of the president itself, but how the Democratic and Republican committees view their constituency, and how the people of the United States get more involved in demanding control over their own lives by speaking up and taking action.

The next four years may not be happy ones for the majority of the population, but changes will certainly happen.

So what is the best way to survive? Here are six things to think about and, perhaps, put into action.

  1. Stay in the now. There is nothing worse than worrying about the future! The media is having a field day bringing up the worst that can happen because of the ‘stellar’ personnel being named for the various positions in the Trump administration. Remember that the election was a ‘sure thing’ according to forecasters and you know the results. So take one day at a time and pay attention to what is really happening.
  2. Identify and face your fears. Write them down on paper so you know what you are actually afraid of happening.
  3. Reframe your fear. Look for some benefit that can come of the election outcome. One outcome will be the major shakeup amongst both established politicians and the public.
  4. Don’t feel safe. If your candidate won the election, stay alert, because safety is strictly an illusion in this life.
  5. Be curious about what is happening. Fear creates barriers in our minds. Curiosity brings anticipation and enthusiasm. Have you wondered how a businessman might do as president? Will he actually spend more than four days a week in the White House (having announced his plans to live in Trump Tower the other days)? What will that commute cost us?
  6. Remove separation. Since we are all speeding through this universe on our little ball of Earth, we must work to become more aligned with each other, and that includes the new administration. Feel free to send White Light and angels to everyone in that part of the country to help raise the vibrations. Also you can take action and join with others who feel the same way as you. Join organizations which will help hold your world together and give you a feeling more in control.

Fear can be a driving force for positive change and change in the political arena is badly needed. A Trump presidency may feel like a waxing job: painful but quickly over with (we hope).

As always, remember life is a play. We are simply actors in stories that keep repeating over many lifetimes so we can experience the point of view of each character. According to my dowsing, a Trump ‘presidency play’ includes major lessons about power, embarrassment and being a victim. If you are connecting to this matrix, what role or lesson do you identify with? What energies come up for you while watching the play?

Be strong, alert, curious and clear about life.
Great ayni,



  1. Carolle
    Yours is the most reassuring voice I’ve heard since Tuesday’s Nov 8! Although I am still disappointed and confused at this outcome I know that focus on the lessons to be learned is always the correct road to take.

    Hmm, power- I found myself immediately searching for a way in which I could use my skills to keep the country congruent with its primary values. I felt less powerless.

    Embarrassment- I feel at a loss to understand the reasons that this happened. A part of me, however, has always understood that the truth must be exposed in the cold light of day before change can occur.

    Victim-it would be easy for me to fall prey to this oh so familiar archetype. But been there done that-so I’ll skip it this time.

    Thanks Carolle and thanks for sharing. šŸ‘‹šŸ¼

    • Debbe, although the blog was reassuring, even I have to swallow hard as I accept the change! We’ll definitely have to White Light the next few years(?).

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