Activation February

February is a month for action and activation, acting as a bridge (along with last month), between last year and the rest of 2019.

So what to expect?

For one, it’s moving very fast! Days can feel calm but underneath that calm is a lot of energy causing you  to take a closer look at your life and reevaluate what you’ve chosen, readjust as needed, and prepare to move forward using the extra energy coming in. You are now creating your New Reality and it will have to be anchored into your life. Check your charts now, take the wheel, and start steering.

Focus on what you want and place your energy towards moving after that prize.

Meanwhile, planetary energy is also bringing in some blockages as well so be flexible. Just channel any frustration or aggravation or resistance that comes up into the Earth. Stay grounded in the dream of your new reality at all times and always, always keep looking towards the future, while staying firmly planted in the now.

Remember also that as you are changing your life, those around you are trying to do the same, so relationships can shift a little or a lot. Keep an open mind, stay flexible.

During the rest of this month remember to take time out for yourself! Self care is part of your new 5th dimensional world, isn’t it? Do ‘healthy’ for your body – exercise, eat good foods, rest (as much as you can get with this wacky incoming energy), and focus on what is important while letting go of the rest.

Also remember that as you move further into the 5th dimension, your own frequency increases and, along with that, your sensitivity to your surroundings (people, places and things like food) also increases. So some of the health issues you are experiencing may not even be yours. Breathe those energies through the body. Take some time to check out what ’empathy’ is to help you survive better.

At Sacred Journeys we are seeing more upper body issues like cysts, dental/gum problems, headaches, eye pain, dizziness, etc. Many of these symptoms, with deep roots in the emotional body, are due to past emotions, dings, slights and mayhem still trying to release. The standard Epsom Salts bath is always a good help but keep in mind that LifeWeaving, energy work, deep massage, or even a Shamanic Journey can help ease you through it faster (and these methods can be done long distance and still be effective). Give us a call at 505.255.3388 if you would like assistance.

Okay, for February,

  1. Review and set your priorities. Stay focused.
  2. Settle into the Now that you have chosen for yourself. (Keep clearing and cleaning!)
  3. Take care of your health: mind, body and spirit.
  4. Stay flexible and welcome change.


Great ayni this month,



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