A lot of people are on the move right now on this great board of life, myself included. Towards the end of last year everyone had strong motivation to ditch the old, the broken, the used up including people, ideas, beliefs as well as old junk and belongings. Did you act on those feelings?

Additionally, waves of new energy began flooding onto the planet – and upon us – on an almost daily basis, bringing an intensity to life in general. It was (and still) is hard to sort out what physical issues were being caused by the influx of energy versus your own body’s aches, pains, headaches, digestive issues, etc. Additionally people are  becoming more and more sensitive to their surroundings (people, places and things) due to increased empathy–being able to feel the energies and emotions around them. Is it yours? It is someone else’s? Are you being influenced by world events and energies of the collective? Does that anger belong to your neighbor or is it actually yours? Is the hate coming from political rhetoric, or from you?

Confusing, right?

Time now to slow down and reset this year, especially the first quarter of 2109. Check priorities, review goals (you have them, don’t you?). Simplify your life and map out your new, true path.

The good news is that January and February include some really nice energy as 2019 is the Year of Creative Manifestation. This year creativity becomes the doorway for us to express our ‘true selves’, so be flexible and begin exploring. Play with those now because March brings in new energy, new information and new opportunities.

Go for it!

On a personal note, I stopped blogging last year due to a need to (better) learn to care for myself (doing steady exercise, trying to eat better, setting stronger boundaries, etc.) as well as apartment hunting. The year’s process taught me a lot and the results have been excellent! I realize that my life in general has been upgraded and my new apartment definitely is better energetically. I found a place to call home that was less expensive, larger with a fantastic deck, older (built stronger, quieter),  a grove of large trees outside, an elevator (to allow me to ‘age in place’), along with a wide variety of interesting neighbors.

Now to buckle down, be creative and flesh out my own ‘true life’ more this year. And I will be blogging again.

Great Ayni,






  1. Great work love it.

  2. Loved it….that’s the way I’m feeling this year.

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