Is it Just Me?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! This entire year so far has been crazy busy and moving fast.

January energy was directed to cleaning up our lives to prepare for the new year.  February was about activation, giving us some energy to begin focusing on our futures. March was a doozy with a whole lot of energy pushing and pulling us in many directions at once, and all the while we were still being pushed into the unknown (the 5th dimension) and away from our comfortable 3D pasts.

Then April arrived.

The crazy energy is continuing this month giving us a boost on our transformational paths. Creative energy is high and we will have a chance to look at our lives and decide what stays, what goes, what needs tweaking and what is just right. Use your intuition to decide the truth about rights and wrongs that appear. Keep your boundaries tight and try mostly to be a neutral observer of the rest of the world. And don’t be surprised if there is an emotional roller coaster running in the back of your mind. Look towards the future without fear. Then let go of the past and its fears.

Concerning health issues,so far this year people have been experiencing bodies that are changing along with our planet’s move into higher vibrations. Normal body function is a thing of the past. Illnesses or discomfort can appear overnight – and disappear just as fast. Digestion, dental, joint aches and pains, emotions, exhaustion and sleep changes are all over the map. Then there are the feelings of overwhelm and confusion and sometimes fear.

To help counter these body assaults, stay busy creating a beautiful, bright future in your mind to help balance out any disrupting emotions or distractions. Get healing assistance as needed to help you over the rough spots. In many cases, complementary treatment using energy healing can be more effective for what ails you. Also try to take care of yourself by eating well, exercising, getting enough sleep, and using supplements as needed to help boost your function. Take some time for yourself as well. And always stay positive about your own life and potential future.

Follow your heart and grab unexpected opportunities that come your way during this month. Also keep on the lookout for possible connections with others you meet.

And most of all, remember you are not alone! (So you may be picking up some of their energy as well!)

Great ayni this month!


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  1. Carole
    You are a breath of fresh air! It has been a difficult few months but here we still are…☺️
    Hope you are enjoying your new digs.
    Love you

  2. Great read !! and encouraging as this butterfly stretches her wings from the crystalas and uses my intuition to fly and glow. Thank you Carol for you presence as we learn to let go and share in this now 5D timeline. Love the splattering of green (earth energy) in pic.

  3. Great focus and feedback about the current dynamics

  4. Once again Carole, you have saved my mind from the edge of “crazy, or is it just me?” So many words would have to be used to convey my Love and gratitude for your wonderful humorous soul. It will take typing for the rest of my life just to convey the tip of my heart of gratefulness.
    Love and Light my friend,
    Washington State

  5. Carole, your writing is excellent, always! Thank you!

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