Clean Up on Life Aisle Four


September days are moving quite fast again as the ascension energies progress. But this month we have a small reprieve in the form of cosmic assistance: the planet Mercury is now retrograde until the 21st. This planet is primarily about communication so when retrograde, there are often foul-ups in that arena – lost mail, technical problems with old computers and phones, miscommunication, even a misplaced mailman once when I lived in Washington State.

Of more interest right now is that Mercury retrograde is a great time to finish up old projects rather than begin new ones. And what better thing to do now than finish sorting out the old, dumping what you no longer want to tackle, to declutter to make room for the new!

Seasonally we are shifting gears from the active days of summer fun to the beginning of the harvest and stocking up for the winter (when we traditionally dig in and nurture ourselves). That make this month a natural time of movement . . . just feel the current . . . so use it to your advantage on the home and business fronts.


Take time to

  • clean up computer files
  • clean a closet, room, garage, car – remembering to fill up a donation box as you clean and move that dead energy out!
  • look into your heart and decide what future goals and tasks are  important to keep, and what can be discarded.
  • make a fresh list of any projects you plan to keep and work on some of the details
  • look at ways to better maintain your health through foods, exercise, sleep – where improvement can be made

Use these weeks of September to reestablish balance in your life.

The Fall Equinox, when the period of sunlight and darkness is equal, arrives on the 22nd, heralding in times of cooler and often inclement weather, shorter daylight hours, the many holidays with extra preparations, parties, unhealthy foods, potential depression and other health issues…

Prepare now so you can ‘ace’ the coming seasons!



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