7 Ways to Survive this Long, Hot Ascension Summer


July has been a difficult month for many as we begin to ground into the new and rather shaky territory of the 5th dimension. At the same time we are still – yes still – releasing old energies, beliefs and belongings to clear space for the new.

Along with our own cleansing process, the world chaos continues with political conventions spewing egotism, lies, hatred, divisiveness …, terrorist activities in Europe bringing up fear, victim, abuse, security and freedom issues and weather over much of the country triggering survival issues for some as well as smothering manifestation … just too hot to motivate!. Each of these energies affect you, sometime subtly without your being aware of an outside source or sometimes like a hit in the gut. The world and everyone in it are exposed to these frequencies. You in turn are also affected by those around you (also being affected by, and reacting to what incoming energy there is).

How does that saying go? – We are all connected!

To help you survive and thrive, make a plan. Include some or all of the suggestions found below:

  • Keep what resonates (belongings, people, ideas, weight…) to bring into your new 5th dimensional world and let go of the rest.
  • Turn more and more towards self-care – eating right, sleeping enough, exercising, good boundaries, and taking time for fun and relaxation.
  • If you do get stuck, seek out someone who can help you break through the blockage.
  • Make some changes in your routine and explore your new world. Remember that you are the one creating that space!
  • Instead of totally ignoring world happenings, at least take a glance at the headlines to see what is currently ‘rocking the world’ (and yourself, by default). If it looks too bad, stay in bed that day and nurture yourself!
  • At the same time, don’t get caught up in the chaos. Be the neutral observer and take care of you first.
  • Look for the magic in your life right now . . . it is there!


Have you been aware of how the world is affecting you? What have you noticed and how are you dealing with it? Share with others.

Great ayni from Carole!







  1. I am fascinated with how far and wide the pendulum is swinging in this election.

    The extremes are being exposed to the light and coming out of the shadows. A process that is required to occur before healing can happen. A very positive step towards our nation becoming whole.
    In other words nothing changes until it is clearly delineated and seen.

    I am a realist but I feel optimistic about our future at this time.

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