Reconnecting and the Week’s Energies

I'm ready to reconnect with my readers now using a blog format for messages about ascension, health and life.  Because the ascension energies are moving so fast right now, my goal is to provide more up to date information.

Here's what we've dealt with this week . . .  

Note that everyone (whether 'officially' sensitive, empathic or not) is beginning to feel the emotional changes being caused by the increasingly intense ascension energies. Here in the United States this week in particular was difficult for everyone. Because of the shootings, the collective energy is all about judgment and fear. On a world level where there have been bombings, devastating typhoons and political upheaval causing the collective energies of betrayal, bitterness, anger and abuse.

We are all being affected by these collective energies to some extent, personalizing their effects upon us. For example, you might be feeling judged by others and sense their anger towards you - but those feelings are strongly influenced by the collective energies floating around.

Learn to stay centered (pull your energy field close around you) and grounded (try breathing through your feet), stay in the moment and keep your boundaries strong during these times. Make your home a sanctuary, helping to recharge your frequency every night.

These world energies won't totally define how you are feeling but your environment will affect you to some extent. 

Have you been affected by this week's energies? Feeling grief, anger, judgmental about yourself or others? How are you dealing with your emotions? Feel free to share in the comments section.   

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