You are NOT Alone

So here we are, with one foot in the 5th dimension and one toe still stuck in what used to be the ‘safe’ third . . .  and life truly feels and looks awful! Our challenge is that the ascension process is in its ‘destruction’ stage, which is really tough to watch. At this stage there are still ingrained 3rd dimensional elements and organizations blocking a smooth transition into a higher realm. As the political, educational, financial and health sectors continue to break up (with such awesome help from our politicians) there is confusion, unease, distrust and uncertainty about any type of future. Adding to these emotions, there is a great sadness to see how much hate has surfaced throughout the country.

As advanced beings, we are supposed to maintain neutrality about this whole process and that is very, very hard. This is where you must follow your heart – whether that means to run for office, donate to a charity, participate in a demonstration, etc. or just send love and healing energy to those involved in decision making.

As we keep moving deeper into and through this tear down period, many people are now suffering from depression, anger, and an overwhelming sense of hopelessness – almost PTSD. The now daily threat of nuclear war with North Korea has been added into the mix of natural disasters that seem to keep coming: fires, hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, potential earthquakes, infrastructure collapse and even volcanic activity. Clients keep calling about pain (especially left hip), low energy, difficulty sleeping and depression, etc. Others are concerned with difficult or collapsing relationships – more of the dimensional shift creating a chasm between mismatched souls.

What you really need to remember is that as a human being vibrating at a higher level, you become more and more sensitive to the world around you. That means you become more empathic, more ‘in tune’ to the collective energy of everyone else on the planet. Unfortunately, that collective energy is also leaning towards anger, depression, and hopelessness, since environmental disasters and political upsets are found throughout most of the world at this time. The question becomes “How many and how much of these feelings are actually mine?”

So what is the best way to get through these times?  Here are some suggestions:

  • Avoid in depth news and political talk. I still feel people should be aware of general happenings in the world and locally because that gives a hint as to the collective energies that are abounding and affecting a person.
  • Acknowledge what you are feeling but try to let it pass through you into the Earth without holding on to any of it.

Better yet, love yourself:

  • Call an old friend.
  • Have lunch with some friends who are at the same vibrational level as you so you can share experiences and feelings.
  • Watch cat videos.
  • Escape by reading a good book or two or three.
  • Turn your home into a safe space by redecorating (after purging anything broken or that no longer holds energy for you. Give those to someone who needs them.)
  • Sign up for a class that will help you create your better future 5th dimensional world or that will just be a whole lot of fun. There are a lot of online classes available for a variety of prices (starting at ‘free’). Try, my favorite. (Watch for their Black Friday specials!)
  • Continue to let go of the past and people and things that no longer are a ‘fit’ in your new 5th dimensional life. Let go, let go, let go.
  • Hold onto the promise of a new month.

And remember that you are NOT alone. Find others of like mind and create a new tribe…then share.

Great ayni and many blessings!   Carole


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