September Energy [A Wild Ride]


September Energies

Ascension energies continue to escalate, and time has really sped up. Are you able to keep up? Are you moving forward, stuck in place, or wishing to go back to ‘the old days’? Remember, that door is closed so choose to keep advancing into the new 5th dimensional world that lays before you.

General consensus is that during September the pace will only increase. There will be more opportunities, more changes, as well as more negativity and world unrest.

It is decision time now.

How do you want your next year to look? Where are you going in life? What changes are necessary? What dreams need to be fueled? What needs to be purged?

September will give you more energy to address these questions and to begin or continue making those needed changes once you address them. Commit to a course and take advantage of the added energy boost and move forward.

Considering the amount of negativity that is already present, I suggest you prepare yourself for next year, especially here in the “United” States.  We are potentially in for a really ugly, and possible violent, 2020 election year.

What to do Now?

Preparation is mainly that you create boundaries between your 5th dimensional world and what is happening in the 3rd. Start with putting finishing touches on your home/sanctuary, where you can plug into rejuvenating energy every night. Constantly work to separate yourself from negative people (including family if necessary), places, things (news, anyone?). Are you subscribed to negative newsletters that spout gloom and doom consistently? [Yes, I am spouting that now, but just this once!]

Feel free to continue to send support to the world in the form of angels and love and light, if you wish. However, at present, those of us that are preparing for ascension need to be doing a lot of necessary selfcare during this difficult time. Work on yourself and plan to be around when the reconstruction begins!

Your ascension job now is to care for yourself and act as a beacon, a way shower, for others in the world.

Members of the collective must make their own decisions about life and spiritual path, right and wrong, love or hate.

Get serious about where you want to go, who you want to be and start acting as if it mattered! Harness the energy of September and move forward.


FLFE:  A great tool for successfully making It through this destructive period of ascension


Have you been feeling the intense energy lately – like for about the last three years!?! As the ascension process continues to move through this destruction stage? Well, there is much more to come here in the USA as the political year ahead of us, mass shootings and general nastiness will be spotlighted.

I suggest completing your home sanctuary as soon as possible. Make it a “high-octane fill up for your own gas tank”. A place you can return to at night and ‘plug in’ to your special energy and renew yourself.

I was recently introduced to another tool that is extremely helpful at this time.  FLFE (“Fluffy” for short). Head to and read about this service that directs high frequency energy (I test of it is energy of ‘love and enlightenment’) to either your cell phone number or targeting your home address.

The company offers two free 15 day trials (one to your phone and one to your home at a different time), no credit card number needed.

My impression of FLFE during my free phone trial was a feeling of protection, like someone had my back all the time. I was more productive and much calmer about the state of the world. It was nice! After just signing for energy to be directed to my home, I actually slept through the entire night for the first time in months.

Give FLFE a try and even if you don’t sign up for the service now, you will know that something out there can help if, and when, life gets too intense next year.


Great ayni to all,



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