Survival Preparations for 2020

The weeks are passing so fast now it is very hard to keep up with life!

In addition to holiday preparations, expectations, weather and travel, December this year was an important month to take a deep look at your life. And ‘why?’ you might ask. It was all in preparation for the coming year because what 2020 brings to you will be partially in answer to what you decide you actually want to be in your next year.

Sound familiar . . .  this getting rid of the old, the unwanted?

That’s been the gospel for a long time but as the ascension process heats/speeds up, those same words keep coming back.

Make the time to DO IT NOW!

Take a look at these areas of your life and consider what you want them to look like next year. What you decide here which will set the tone for years to come:

  • Personal
  • Relationships
  • Health
  • Business/Career
  • Wealth
  • Creativity

Moving into January of 2020, there will be a need to align with a new cycle.

The numerology of 2020 is a #4 universal year, a year of building a new 5th dimensional foundation that will survive as old foundations and society continue to deteriorate. This year provides opportunities to move forward with commitment and opens doors for success, happiness and financial success to flow into your life, but it will take hard work, order, stability and responsibility on your part to make this happen.

Simplify your life!

To make a successful year and decade happen, focus on what matters to you and let the rest go. Look at the life areas and make some decisions about what stays, what goes. Get busy!

And have a Happy New Year!


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  1. Thank you Carole and a haa as ppl new year.


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